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Child development

A helping and supporting hand

Child development

Child development

Hasre Gharkul:
At present 34 boys and girls between the age group of 6 to 20 resides in the Hasre Gharkul centre, Pusad. Sant Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, Trust Shegaon is extending support to this Centre, since last five years. The children in the Centre are being provided with food and accommodation facilities, medical aid, clothes and dresses, coaching in subjects like English, Mathematics, exposures and picnic, teaching aids and all relevant support for education and training. The elder children who are either undergoing training or otherwise areas below:

  • Seven of the matured girls have got married
  • Seven of the adolescents are undergoing skill training in Pune
  • Three of the youths are undergoing skill training at Mumbai and other places
  • The children boys and girls between 6 to 20 of age are learning in various standard in Pusad

Farmer’s Support Centre:
This support centre is exclusively running under guidance and support of Caring Friends Mumbai. Numerous studies have been made of the causes of farmers’ suicides, including a comprehensive one by the National Commission on Farmers. The most important cause is the un-remunerative nature of farming resulting in chronic indebtedness. The widows of the farmers, who have committed suicide, are predominantly young. The most important assets of the women in distress are their children and land. The children must be educated and the land should yield them sustained income. Women suffer from a multiple burden on their time, due to home keeping, child rearing and income earning activities. The challenge lies in enabling them to derive benefit from the invaluable asset of land.

In order to assist women farmers to take to economically sustainable farming and also to support the distressed farmers the farmers Support Centre has been established. Farmers Support centre is the concern of Caring Friends and accordingly the activities carried out for helping distressed farmers, widows of deceased farmers and the children.

  • Under NAREGA the labours were given employment
  • Support extended for sericulture production
  • Support extended for purchase of food grains under PDS
  • Supplied bicycles and teaching aids to the wards of widows and poor farmers
  • More Than 15000 famine stricken farmers got relief support from Dilasa during last two years through networking partner organizations.
  • Extended support to 238 deceased farmer families; provided with ration kits, Bicycle for their wards, Bullock pairs, Cows, Motor pump-set, PVC pipes, Crop inputs etc.
  • Revolving fund of Rs.53.00 lacs has been provided to 643 farmers in the form of crop inputs and support for Income Generation Activities.