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message from director

Message from Director

I am happy to present the 2014-15 Annual Report, reporting on core activities those were undertaken four years back are proving its impact and believing even better into the near future.
Our strategic plan of “Harvesting as much as rain water for livelihood sustenance” that will guide all of our work for the next many more years. This I think crucial in terms of bringing entire Vidarbha and Marathwada together behind the same development objectives considering the changing climatic scenario. There are different issues to work on but, I am sure, this issue is paramount important than others which is directly related to livelihoods of one and all. Our colleagues and partners in our program looked at how the world was changing and hence came up with a single consolidated strategy by mobilizing people in different groups viz SHG, WUG etc. Partnership with people and gender equality at its heart, the plan sets ambitious development goals and defines how Dilasa can best contribute to fighting the present distress of farmers.

Our focus is on creating water availability for drinking purpose as well as for irrigation with active participation of people especially farmers that affect them and search for new opportunities to rise out of present distress. By working more closely together with the partners, we will ensure that our efforts are aligned to have the maximum impact, and that we truly function as one Dilasa group across two regions Vidarbha and Marathwada in which we work. The strength of the partnership rests on the clear guidance of how we will work through to 2019, striving to build and improve sustainable practices in our work in all areas. In the context of the present plan, I look forward to serving as a voice for farmers living in abject poverty and ensuring recognition for the work of Dilasa. I look forward to working with partners around the regions and I would like to thank all of our supporters, donors, partners, staff and volunteers for their contributions. In particular, I thank Shri Nimesh Shah and Shri Ramesh Kacholia who did so much to consolidate our planning and been able to campaign more vigorously and credibly than ever before.

Throughout the pages of this report, I invite you to reflect on the range of Dilasa’s activities, through its emergency response work and development programs, to help people lift themselves out of poverty and find greater equality.

Madhukar Dhas