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Achievements- DILASA Sanstha

  • Working with 4000 SHG’s & over 40000 members from six districts of Vidarbha & Marathwada regions
  • Credit linked 1350 groups of 11 NGOs, who have received loan of Rs. 13.20 cr. in 11-12
  • Created facility of irrigation in more than 4500 acres of land through 102 Phad projects.
  • 750 acres of land could be brought under irrigation through two minor irrigation projects.
  • Implemented standard package of practices involving 3000 farmers. This has resulted in reduction of agriculture production cost to a tune of Rs. 2000/- acre.
  • Crop production of farmers under IPM package has been increased to a tune of Rs. 3000/- acre
  • More than two lacks of farmers have reaped monetary benefit of over Rs. 2000-3000/- per head through adoption of PATA Mix crop method
  • Education, food & residential arrangements of more than 40 destitute & distressed children has been done at Pusad Hasre Gharkul Centre since last 14 years
  • Training Centre named Prayogdham has been established at Choramba near Ghatanji
  • Watershed Development work has been carried out on 5700 ha. of land through NABARD and ABF supported project benefiting over 1250 farmers
  • Developed more than 750 nutritional Kitchen Gardens in 19 villages
  • Milch cattle provided to 18 women members, yearly income enhanced per family Rs. 42000/-
  • Developed 27Bodi’s have been developed in rice growing area of Gadchiroli district, 155 farmers benefitted
  • Shirpur water storage model developed in 5 villages.

Present facilities at Dilasa

  • Has Five acres of land in the area of Choramba village in Ghatanji block named Prayogdham
  • Its administrative office is established at the Prayogdham
  • Training facilities at Prayogdham with training hall & lodging boarding arrangements for 40 trainees
  • Has 4 numbers of four wheel vehicle
  • Has 5 numbers of tractors with trolley & agricultural implements
  • Has 21 nos. of two wheelers
  • Has 11 numbers of computers & lap tops
  • Has farmers support centre