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Farmer’s Support Centre

Farmer’s Support Centre

Dilasa has initiated Farmer’s Support Centre with the massive support of Caring Friends, Mumbai. A farmer’s support centre is being run by Dilasa since last six years with a view to support the families of deceased farmers & the farmers who are in crisis. Caring Friends Mumbai & Arpan Foundation USA is continually supporting the Farmers Support Centre enabling the centre to meet the agricultural, educational & social needs of the targeted families. Training & guidance is provided to farmers in their difficulties at their farms as well as at the training centre.

Support to widows:
The support has been extended to about 183 deceased farmers families primarily in the form of ration kits, bicycle for the wards of the farmer. The support is extended for agricultural implements, irrigational facilities, milch cattle, bullocks & goats. A socio-economic survey of 75 such families has been conducted to understand their status. A booklet of the case studies of 75 deceased farmer’s families has been prepared. These case studies become helpful while planning the activities of development of these families.

Community Marriage:
As part of social programmes community marriage is organized every year at various locations under operational area of the organization. Since last five years 141 pairs of different casts have been got married under community marriage programme. Majority tribal community pairs had participated in the community marriage programme. Caring friends Mumbai, is supporting this activity by way of providing food to the guests, dresses of bride & bridegrooms & the inaugural expenses. Object behind conducting this activity is to rescue the poor people from the huge expenses to be incurred on marriages of their children.

Prayogdham Training Centre:
Dilasa has established a Training Centre in the name of Prayogdham Training Centre on Ghatanji – Runza road near Choramba village 3 km in the east of Ghatanji town. The farmer’s, SHG members are imparted training on newer technologies for building up their capacities. The centre is set up at a desolate and peaceful place near hill area and greenery of trees.