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School Development Under – ITC Mission Sunehra Kal

Title: School Development Under – ITC Mission Sunehra Kal
Name of Donor: ITC limited, Kolkata
PIA: Dilasa Sanstha, Yavatmal

Project Duration: 12 Months(April 2018-March 19)
Budget: Rs.18,18,000/- (Eighteen lakhs and Eighteen Thousand rupee only )
Coverage Area: 4 Villages of Shirur Block, Pune (Sonesangvi, Dhoksangvi, Karegaon, Ranjangaon)

Project Goal:
The aim of the project is to develop school through sanitation, hygiene, health, educational activities.

Executive Summary of Project:
School plays an important role in student’s future development. The overall progress of the student is depend on good education and the facilities provided by the school and it creates a responsible and success generation. So for that school educational environment should be good and healthy. The process of learning should be edutainment type. So far the learning pattern and syllabus should be easy and simple. E-learning is a good option for it. Through this process the students will be develop educationally and socially.


  • Building capacities of SMC members, SHG members for improving efficiency of delivery.
  • Strengthening the SMC members, School Staff and school children for improvement.
  • Improving the overall standard of school through trainings, capacity building and providing as identified.
  • By providing support make the school ideal.
  • To facilitate support regarding activity based infrastructure
  • To available Ro units (safe drinking water) in schools
  • To make WIFI villages of coverage area including e- learning facility
  • Promote nutrition garden through School Children and improve the intake of nutrition.