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Phad Technology

What is Phad System?

This is a very low cost small irrigation system developed on the check dam or cement plug in which the flowing river water is diverted to nearby field by gravity through diversion weir, contour canal or through PVC pipe.
Dilasa is constantly working on Phad irrigation enabling the farmers to protect their crops especially in dry-spell condition & stress period generally occurred in rainy season. Another important objective of Phad irrigation is to enable farmers to grow second crop that is Rabbi Crop, even the summer crop where ample water is available in the check dam or cement plug. This has created good impact & the farmers who have been covered under the Phad Projects are enjoying benefits by irrigating few acres of their farm land.

Summary of Phad completed till January-2013

No. of Phad completed No. of target Beneficiaries Irrigation Area ( Acres)
Kharif Rabi summer Total
102 Nos. 1611 3474 952 105 4531