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Integrated Pest Management Project: (Krishidoot)

The farmers have the poorest knowledge of scientific farming; this leads ultimately to link them with the local krishi kendras. The krishi kendras who provide the farmers with agricultural inputs on credit and hence farmers believe in their technology, even then that may not be recommended technology by the Agricultural Universities. Once the contacts developed with krishi kendras; this tends to form the vicious circle for the farmers, which leads to poor agricultural productivity and distress for them.

The farmers generally become the victims of middle-man, who succeeds to get across the farmers & ultimately compel them for incurring high production cost. High production means the high risk because in any case the farmers require more crop production. Under these circumstances, they fall in to the trap of middle-man through the oral convincing about more yielding crop seeds & frequent doses of chemicals instead of moderate use of chemicals for high production. The above issues become the problem statement for the area & hence, following interventions for mitigating the above problems.

  • Total 2406 farmers are covered under this project
  • 920 are using all the IPM techniques in cotton, soybean, pigeon-pea, wheat and gram crops
  • IPM technology was used by 677 farmers for cotton crop
  • 178 farmers used this technology for soybean crop
  • Total cultivated area of these farmers is around 14355 acres
  • Out of the total cultivable area the sown area under cotton is 10907, soybean 1286, pigeon-pea 1605.9 and other crop 1927 acres