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Empowering Women in Agriculture

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Empowering Women in Agriculture

Empowering Women in Agriculture

Title: Empowering Women in Agriculture: The Success Story of Shree Ganesh Self-Help Group

Inzapur village of Ralegaon block was a typical rural area in India where agriculture is the primary source of livelihood. But the farmers in the village were facing various challenges, including the lack of necessary agricultural implements, less number of labours, and animal power. These challenges were affecting their productivity and income. In this scenario, a group of women from the Shree Ganesh Self-Help Group (SHG) approached the Dilasa team for guidance on starting an income-generating activity to improve their livelihood.

The Dilasa team, through their Bajaj Agriculture and Livelihood Development Programme, initiated discussions with the SHG members and brainstormed various options for income generation activities. Finally, they came up with the idea of a Custom Hiring Center (CHC), where the women could rent out agricultural implements to farmers in the village and nearby areas.

The SHG members were excited about the idea of a CHC as it required little investment and had the potential to generate a steady income. The Dilasa team provided the SHG members with two days of training on CHC business management in July 2022, and the women started their Custom Hiring Center in October 2022 with an investment of Rs. 2.50 lakhs.

The SHG members used Rs. 1.5 lakhs from the project support and Rs.1.00 lakhs from the community share to purchase a Repear machine, a sprinkler set with pipes, and an oil engine. The women rented out these machines and implements to farmers at a subsidized rate in the village and surrounding areas for the cultivation of crops like soybean, wheat, Gram, and cotton.

In just six months, the Custom Hiring Center established by the SHG members generated a net profit of about Rs. 0.24 lakhs. This success story of the SHG members is an example of how women can play a crucial role in agriculture and rural development. The women of the Shree Ganesh SHG, who were earlier dependent on their husbands and families for their livelihood, have transformed into successful businesswomen and are contributing to the development of their village and surrounding areas.

The success of the SHG members in Inzapur village is an inspiration for other women in rural areas to come forward and take up income-generating activities. The support and guidance provided by organizations like Dilasa are crucial in empowering women and promoting entrepreneurship in rural areas.

In conclusion, the SHG members of Shree Ganesh in Inzapur village have set an example of how women can take up challenges and succeed in agriculture and rural development. The Custom Hiring Center established by them is not just an income-generating activity but also a means to improve the productivity of farmers in the village and surrounding areas. It is high time to recognize the contribution of women in agriculture and promote their entrepreneurship to achieve sustainable rural development.

Written and Published by: Prashant Dhanokar and Komal Dhas